MEOROT YERUSHALAYIM SEMINARY, a division of the Neve Yerushalayim School of General Studies.

“Thanks to Meorot, I now know who I am as a Jewish woman in today’s world.”

Experience a year of growth and connection with Meorot Yerushalayim Seminary. Our program, curriculum and trips are specially designed for post high-school students who are driven to discover more about their Judaism in a warm and nurturing environment.

“Meorot is a place that is fully accepting of who you are without any judgment and helps you be the best Jewish woman you could be.”

Daniella AbekassisNew York

“Meorot is perfect for someone who wants to grow and learn but never got the chance.”

Arielle IskhakovaCleveland

“Meorot is the perfect seminary for someone who is honestly looking to grow in their relationship with Hashem.”

Naomi BensonCalifornia

“Meorot is the seminary that I’ve been dreaming about for years. We now have somewhere to send our students that are eager to grow and want a place that is both warm and intellectually challenging.”

Rabbi Menachem NisselSenior Educator, NCSY

“The NCSY girl is so perfect for Meorot because it was created together with NCSY. It’s the perfect compliment for that year after high school.”

Rabbi Yehoshua MarchuckDirector of Alumni, NCSY

“There is exciting energy here. These are a group of students that are all in growth mode.”

Rabbi Avraham EdelsteinDirector, Neve Yerushalayim

“The staff at Meorot are spiritually and emotionally tuned in-you can’t get better than that.”

Rebbetzin Chana Levitan

“After a year at Meorot, my daughter returned home infused with a deeper and more positive outlook on life, finding meaning in daily occurrences. She learned skills, gained an appreciation for studying and having discussions, for traveling and exploration, and for living with a unique and wonderful group of young women.”

Shoshana GilMother of Tsipora Gil

“Rabbi Lynn and the teachers enriched Nechama's understanding of Judaism. They also prepared her for the world at large. Our daughter is now attending university and we are very pleased with her understanding of other world opinions and how Judaism relates to everything she is learning. We are thrilled at the young lady she is becoming and we are incredibly grateful for everything Meorot has done for her.”

Leah and Neal FinkelsteinParents of Nechama

Why Meorot?

Meorot is a unique, one-year seminary program designed for super-motivated students from public school backgrounds. Whether you have been inspired by a youth movement like NCSY, felt the warmth of your Rabbi’s Shabbos table or just love learning about Judaism-you can find your place at Meorot.

Our students are smart, independent teens that want to learn more about their heritage before college. We only accept students that are growth orientated and open minded. Our girls come to Meorot excited to have the opportunity for a year of personal development in an authentic environment.

Our Seminars

We know that your year in seminary is not ‘just a year in Israel.’ The year at Meorot is really a preparation for life- and not only in spiritual development. As well as a world-class Torah curriculum, Meorot also offers professional seminars to further your academic advancement.

We have 3 vocational seminars to choose from:  Medical, Professional Development & Art

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