Tiyulim at Meorot are an integral part of the Seminary experience. Designed to be educational, fun, inspiring and challenging, we travel the “length and breadth” of the country and encounter the living history, natural beauty, and miraculous flourishing of Israel first hand. Our students go “off the beaten track” and get of an intimate look at the soul of the country, and grow in their knowledge, appreciation and connection to The Land of Israel.

You’ll love Discovering Israel with Meorot.

Our over-night trips are:


Experience the thrill of rappelling down a desert crater, banana boating along the Mediterranean and snorkeling in the Red Sea coral reef.


Take a swim in the Kineret, descend the steep cliffs of Har Arbel and soak in the hot springs of Teveria. Uncover the hidden waterfalls of Bet Shean and reach the summit of Masada.


Enjoy our weekend excursions that take you to new places over Shabbat. Meorot’s legendary Shabbatonim will introduce you to new places, new people and new experiences. From the mountains of Tzfat to the Old City of Jerusalem, every weekend is planned for everlasting memories.

Our awesome day trips include:

  • Old City Jerusalem, Ir David and the Kotel Tunnels
  • Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea
  • Kever Rachel
  • Kotel Tunnels and Southern Wall Excavations
  • Lag BaOmer Tiyul to Har Meiron
  • Menachem Begin Heritage Museum
  • Tel Aviv and Ganei Yehoshua national park
  • The Blind Museum

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