Our Seminars


Expand your medical knowledge with our comprehensive Medical Seminar. You’ll gain practical skills from an experienced First Responder and discuss real-life scenarios and dilemmas. 

You’ll also have the chance to delve into Jewish Law and Medical Ethics, where you’ll discover how the ancient wisdom of the Torah comes alive in modern-day medicine. 

Professional Development

Get career-ready with our Professional Development Seminar.  You’ll gain an understanding of how to apply your unique skills in the workplace.

This seminar will allow you to discover your strengths, talents and abilities as well as give you a new skill set before college. You’ll learn the principles of organizational behavior, motivation, communication, and corporate decision making and will also get a heads up on how strategic marketing works.  Whatever profession you enter, this workshop will give you an advantage.


Let your creativity soar with Meorot. Our exclusive Art Seminar allows you to explore your thoughts, feelings and experiences against the awe-inspiring back drop of ancient Israel. Our intimate art studio is a place of reflection and contemplation, allowing our students to develop their talents alongside some of Jerusalem’s most talented artists.

Beyond the classroom

Trips at Meorot are an integral part of the Seminary experience.

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