Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of background does a Meorot student have?

Our students come from homes with little or no background in Jewish learning. Most students have attended public school. Typically students will have recently been inspired in their Jewish journey either through a Youth organization like NCSY,  a Rabbi/mentor or a trip. Most of our students have opted to hold off attending college for a year and give themselves this chance to explore their Judaism in a more focused, authentic setting.

What is a typical Meorot student like?

Super motivated! Open minded and excited to be spending time getting to develop herself. Each student is very different we have girls from all over North America and the UK.

What do we do on Shabbos?

Twice a month there are Shabbatonim when we go away as a group to experience different areas of Israel. Every other Shabbos there is the option to stay in the dorms and we will help set you up for meals in the neighbourhood or with staff. You will never be stuck with nowhere to spend the weekend!

Help! I can’t read Hebrew! How will this work?

No problem! Meorot offers a  daily 1-2-1 tutorial. This time slot is ‘yours’ with a teacher, and many students use that time to brush up on their Hebrew reading skills!

What is the location like?

The Seminary is located in the buzzing neighbourhood of Givat Shaul and our students live in a beautiful new apartment building in Har Nof. We have a house mother (Eim Bayis) who lives nearby, as well as two live-in Madricot. Check out our campus page for more.

Does Meorot provide all meals?

We provide you with three meals a day, Sunday through Thursday. On Shabbos, we will either be together for a planned Shabbaton away, or we will set you up with some of the awesome Har Nof families that are waiting to welcome you to their homes.

Will I receive college credits for my year spent in Israel?

You will receive aMeorot transcript which is accepted by many schools.

Are scholarships available?

Yes, there are generous scholarships available. When we receive your application we will talk you through what you need to do.

What is the dress code?

Dress code: Skirt that covers the knees, shirts with sleeves
The dress code applies in the Seminary building, in Har Nof, during trips and Shabbatonim
Not sure when to wear what? Your madricha will be able to advise.

How do the career tracks work?

Meorot offers 3 options; Medical Training, Business Training, and Art. For more on our Tracks, check out the Tracks Page.

Are there any trips?

You bet! We are as excited for the learning and self-development that takes place outside of the classroom, as we are for what is taught inside the classroom!  Have a look at our Trips page for more info!

Do you offer any kind of volunteering program?

Yes! We have monthly volunteering trips that we do as a group- from helping in soup kitchens to picking fruit and veg for needy families- our volunteer opportunities are enriching, life-changing and totally inspiring!

What is security like at Meorot?

The Madrichot live with our students in a secure building and our Eim Bayis is two minutes away should any health issues arise.

Meorot is in contact with “Cheder Matzav” a security company used by every yeshiva/seminary across Israel. We are updated in real-time about any security risks. The Cheder Matzav as well as MASA have to OK any trips, and Risk Assessments are conducted by these organizations. We take a medic and an armed security guard with us on every hike.

Students will be briefed many times about how to react in emergency situations, and will be required to have their cell phone active and available whenever off campus.

How does the application process work?

Once you have filled out the Application Form we will be in touch with you to arrange a non-scary online interview with Mrs Lynn, our Director of Students.  We will let you know ASAP if your application has been accepted and will tell you what the next steps are. We are here to assist you through the application process and are always available to help.

What are you waiting for?

Find out how to apply and take the next step for an incredible year in Israel.

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